Social Media is a huge part of your digital footprint and leveraging it for marketing allows you to hyper-target those users who don’t even know they need your products & services and engage directly with those who already support your brand.

An active presence and engagement with customers on social media create trust and can acquire “brand ambassadors” that will share, like, and even become advocates for your business. A strong social media presence also has the added benefit of increasing social signals throughout the web which helps with SEO.

Stop Posting Every Day

That’s right, we said it! Stop spending valuable time on organic posts that no one will ever see. Social media companies have to monetize their platforms which means that you now have to pay to play. If you want your message to reach your intended audience, you will have to pay to promote your post, video, event, etc. And by “pay” we do NOT mean throwing $20 at a “Boosted post”.

Social media has the potential to get your business a lot of bang for your advertising budget. With an average cost per click that is lower than Google Ads, social media marketing can be a great way to stretch your advertising budget and increase brand engagement. Social media allows businesses to hyper target consumers better than most advertising platforms. You can target people based on behavioral characteristics like demographics, interests, likes, geography, occupation, and more.

Why Arlington SEM?

  • We take the time to learn your goals, messaging and your target persona.
  • We craft customized social media marketing strategies based on past experience, not a “hunch”.
  • We specialize in social media marketing across multiple platforms (not just Facebook)

Social media doesn’t just mean Facebook either (though that is a big one.) We utilize social media marketing for:


LinkedIn ads are perfect for B2B businesses looking to network and build connections within a specific industry. We love Linked-In advertising because you can target specific industries, company sizes, titles, education, company sizes, and other professional criteria. For B2B companies, this is a preferred advertising platform.


Instagram is great for image-centric ads targeting millennials. Users can be driven to make purchases, visit your website, or simply just engage with your brand. Instagram paid advertising is done through Facebook Ad Manager.


Facebook ads offer audience granularity and a wide reach at the same time. You can acquire new customers, retarget past customers, and engage with current customers. Upload your email addresses and reach people with a specific message. You can create custom audience types and reach people with similar characteristics as your clients. You have a ton of possibilities here.


YouTube if used properly, can be a great tool for increasing not only audience engagement but also brand exposure. Remarket to your web audience or target specific uses who may not know your brand exists. You do not need to have an expensive video production cost for YouTube. Keep your video under 60 seconds and be clear and concise with your messaging.


Twitter is a great way to engage with your customers, promote your brand, and even get leads with lead cards. Twitter is more of a branding play than a transactional strategy. Twitter is not right for every business. It can be a powerful tool in promoting your brand if done correctly.


If you have a B2C company, then you should seriously consider Pinterest and their 250 million+ user base. Since people use Pinterest to find new ideas, they want to learn more about your products. Pinterest showcases your images and allows people to share and save them with ease as well as make purchases. Pinterest ads helps businesses reach people as they decide what to buy next.